The negative face of CRM systems

The negative face of CRM systems

In case you plan on getting a Customer Relationship Management CRM software for your business, you should know that they are helpful, but they also have their downsides. They are systems made and developed by humans, so it is normal for them to have flaws.

Thus, it is best to take a look at the negative face of the following CRM systems, before purchasing one. You will have to pick the bad from the worse, and make the choice that is most suitable for your company.

Everybody is focusing on presenting the great features of these systems, making them look like being the best acquisition ever.

But let’s be realistic about it, they are not perfect, and it is only fair to know what to expect and see what our money can buy.

Salesforce is probably the most known CRM application out there. Everybody uses it, so what can be wrong about it?

It is only available through the cloud, and it can cover the need of companies of every size, from small to very large. The prices also range, according to what you need and wish to use. For instance, to get a full corporate version, you will have to take out of your pocket a sum ranging between $60 and $125.

If you go for a more basic package, the price can be lower than that. Still, it can be expensive for some startups or small businesses.

GoldMine is another software used for Customer Relationship Management, although it may resemble more to a contact manager, with a diversity of features, rather than a piece of CRM software.

It is not the newest system you can get, but apparently it manages to survive on the market, having a sufficient amount of users. If you want a cloud service, you won’t find it with this one, as it is available only on premise.

The price is around $3000, and you can use it for groups of maximum 25 persons. Although the set-up is rather quick and easy.

Dynamics CRM, made by Microsoft, is a CRM software that can be found both on-premise and on the cloud. It mainly targets large enterprises, and the costs motivate that. For the on-premise software, you have to pay about $1,100 per user and $5000 for the server.

If you chose the cloud version, there is a monthly fee of $44, for every user. It is highly customizable and can incorporate most of the software released by Microsoft.

ZohoCRM is a new software in the Customer Relationship Management niche but looks rather promising. Some say that it is the cheaper version of Salesforce. It is also a cloud-based system and offers a broad range of business application.

The corporate version of the software comes at the price of $35 per user, every month. And there is also a free version, much more simplified and made to function for groups that have maximum three individuals.

So what is bad about these systems?

It is bad when we make the choice that will not suit us, and we won’t have the chance to use them at full capacity.

The negative face of CRM systems

As you can see, each system has its features, prices and targeted customers. You just need to find out you can implement and use according to your needs.

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