7 Amazing CRM Features You Need At Your Business Right Now

CRM the short word for Customer Relationship Management is a field that takes care of different organizations, their management, and administrations. It is mainly concerned with efficiency and excellence in managing your business. In this article, we will explain different features CRM programs can add to your company. The CRM can help your company through multiple features such as the following.

1.Satisfy Customer Needs.

Usually, most companies can not know exactly what a customer needs. However, you can know more about your customer when you know more about their goals, likes, and dislikes. You can obtain this data in various ways including interviews, polls, social media. This data can get overwhelming after a while and if you can not process it into useful information you will have no use for it. CRM software can be very helpful through this process allowing you to serve them more efficiently and maintain long-term professional relationships with your customers.

2. Manage Customers’ Response.

Customer response is simply the reaction of your customers to your products and services, this can be obtained by activities and queries. Your business needs to deal with these queries intelligently. A tiny misunderstanding could lead to bad outcomes. A large part of your success depends on managing and understanding the results of these queries, after that it will be easier to identify the solutions to each problem. In this situation, when the company succeeds in satisfying the customers’ needs and answers their queries, this will easily build a successful professional relationship mixed with respect between the company and the client.
CRM software can be a great help in managing and organizing this type of data.

3. Satisfy Your Customers.

We measure customer satisfaction by knowing how to collect the customer’s needs and feedback to satisfy him through the experience and excel in his expectations. The competitive markets these days have proven the importance of the customers’ satisfaction as an exponent and a main determinant in the business strategies planning. However, the more your customers will be satisfied the more your business will bond with its clients.

4. Build Customers Loyalty.

Customers’ loyalty is how long will your customer stay in business with you or with other suppliers and buy their products regularly. This can be seen when the customer is very content with the business deal with a company, he tends to revisit the organization more often. He often tends to buy more deals from the same supplier. To maintain this loyalty process for a long time and gain the most benefits from it, you should always focus on the customer’s satisfaction. Hence, CRM software will give you great help to maintain this loyalty and keep gaining benefits from them by getting your customers the best business and serving their needs.

5. Retain Your Customers.

Customer Retention is an important strategy for any organization to keep its existing customers from going to their competitors for business. In most times, loyal customers stick to their original suppliers as long as their basic needs are fulfilled and their business is served. Loyal customers usually will not search for a new product and take new avoidable risks. The ability to keep your loyal customers increases the possibility of more growth and development to your business. CRM can help you manage all your customers’ needs in the best way possible and retain them as long as you can.

6. Customer Complaint Management.

Customer complaints are always a challenging task to handle for all businesses. Usually, a customer complaint means they are dissatisfied. There are a lot of reasons for the customers to file a complaint. Some of these reasons are legit and should be addressed immediately, but sometimes they are due to misunderstandings in the way the conditions of the deal are analyzed and interpreted by the supplier. This can occur regarding any service or a product sold by your company. Managing these complaints until the customer is completely satisfied is a crucial part of any business’s success. However, your company must have enough CRM resources and tools to help your business keep the customers satisfied.

7. Customer Service.

Customer service is the backbone of any business that wants to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. The more the quality of customer service served to your client the more you will gain loyal customers and retain the new ones. A CRM can be a great help in gathering all the customers’ data and interpreting them to the best of the customers’ needs.






Execution of CRM system and key features in its implementation


CRM has become a valuable addition to the entire basic work infrastructure of all the organizations since the awareness of the credibility of the relationship that exists between a customer and an organization. It deals in keeping the valuable relationship that exists between an organization and customer, at its best. All the organizations need CRM as it helps in improving the service to the customers. The ultimate result of this action shows in the form of reduced cost and lower ratio of complaints among customers.

Execution of CRM system

CRM process can be executed in very systematic manner in which first the processes that are most capable and effective in serving the customers are identified, afterwards the structures and systems capable of performing such processes are arranged and in the end all the combined effort of previous steps is triggered towards customers in the form of a positive connectivity between organization and customers.

Organization after CRM introduction

Once this is done in a right fashion, the outcome would be very decently running CRM in an organization which will benefit the organization in number of ways by increasing the number of its loyal customers, enhancing the annual profits and making a stable platform in future for the company where all the profitable strong predictions can be turned into reality.

CRM turning points

While implementing CRM a lot of points should be kept in mind like the quality of product demanded by the customer, price related matters, product types, locations of availability, provision of good customer service centers, health and safety of customers, compatibility of service with the system, the nature of contract in case of services, the method of product distribution adopted and other critical matters like the trouble shooting and problem solving services to customers in case of any hurdle. So CRM itself is a huge information center which must cover all the aspects that are related to the development of successful relationship between an organization and its customers.

Side roles of an effective CRM

Apart from that a good CRM also assists in making a beneficial and perfect relationship between the supplier and customer as well.

Pareto’s law for customer categorizing

Various laws and principles have been introduced by researchers when it comes to implementation of CRM in management of any organization’s customers. Pareto’s law could make a strong foundation of a good CRM system if utilized properly. It is also known as 80:20 rule which says that 20% of the customer are responsible for 80% of the turnovers in company, the next 20% are responsible for the 80% profit of company and the other 20% create service and supply problems.

Separate focusing of customer for better relations

Keeping in mind this principle, if the customers are managed properly and sorted into categories like the satisfied and dissatisfied ones, then the operation of CRM could turn a lot better. The satisfied customers should be provided with some promotional offers and extra benefits so that their loyalty to the firm may grow stronger with each passing day. The dissatisfied ones must be thoroughly analyzed and their problems and issues should e provided with satisfactory solutions in order to turn them into happy customers.

CRM solutions and software

The communications and effective information transfer between an organization and its customers is yet another important task. It must be ensured that the proper and original information is being transferred to the organization from customers. The CRM software solutions consist of the assistance software. A thorough research must be carried out before choosing any CRM software that whether it is needed for implementation, training or maintenance. Siebel and Front Range are companies which are providing such services. CRM has become an important factor in growth potential of any organization which gives end results in the form of increased profits and reduced costs, which is what a businessman wants at the end of the day.


Best Call Center Software For Best Service 2021

In Fact, although the development of the world and technology, there are more customers around the world prefer, phone support when reaching out to customer service, the idea behind talking on the phone with a real human to get support or the service they need, contribute to building more confidence.

For growing companies or the biggest one, it is a real challenge to manage phone support, for many reasons, consume more time, hard to measure support channel, least cost-effective, but we could agree that is a great way to help a customer because it provides direct support.

Some companies, planning and think to offer customers extensive phone support meets their needs, they will need an effective call center software that supports their service team.

Without interaction with the new technology of software, the support team struggles to resolve the different issues,  answer queries, while customers waiting, on the other hand, Supervisors won’t be able to manage the chaos because they won’t have any insight into call volume or trends.

Best Call Center Software For Best Service 2021

Call Center Software What Is?

Call center software it is a system that permits the company to manages customer communication service, automates and standardizes the process of receiving and responding inbound calls, and outbound calls, assist to manage in general the communications coming from the multiple channels, such as email, live chat, SMS text, even social media account, or different departments.

Empower Your Call Center Agents

By using the call center software, the company provides powerful customer service, because it allows customers to communicate with call center support teams across multiple channels like live chat, email, social media, and text messages.

The best call center software, connecting and routes calls to the right agents or departments, provides employees with additional context, assists in running execute an Omni-channel strategy.


Omni-channel is a cross-channel content strategy that organizations use to improve their user experience and drive better relationships with their audience across points of contact.

So whether the company start-up recently, has ten employees or more than this for the largest businesses, reach the right tools to build your call center is critical, it could be confusing to select and choose a specific one with many options in the software market, in the end, this depends on your needs.

In this article, we look over some common features of call center software, and the best 5 call center software options available in 2021.

Functions And Features In Consideration

choosing the best call center software it depends on your team’s need, after planning and understanding what is the benefits you looking for, and what drawbacks to avoid, draw up a list of desired functions and features you looking for.

Call Routing

Call Routing,  its means to connect the customer with the right person or department, to receive the service, it is very important to understand how it works this process,  Whether your software offers automated call routing, or if customers need to select a department after listening to a set of options, some software systems are complicated to update quickly and easily.

So for this take your time in the trial period to setting up and changing your workflow, to make sure you’re not stuck with one configuration.


It’s important to consider how well your new call center software will integrate with your other channels.

Provide and supporting customers through  integration and interaction between different channels, like (email, social media or live chat).

It’s important to have a unified customer service experience, this would reduce customer friction, and increase the efficiency of supporting team after inbound calls should be logged on your help desk, other persons on your team could see the context of previous customer interactions trough unified database, this feature permits to create a consistent customer experience.

Outbound Calls

Sometimes the agents might need to make outbound calls to customers to present a set of proactive customer support options, promotional products or services, targeting more prospects.

Look for software that includes an automated dialer and easy to use call logging features so your CRM stays up to date.


An efficient and important tool, help manager in scheduling and plan for the future to develop the performance of service provided through the database, like incoming call volume, call trends, and agent efficiency, these data assist to manage common issues that customers are calling for.

Give managers a vast vision of how your team handling the workflow traffic, gaps in your support coverage, build the strategic plans and report depends on data collected.

CRM Integration For Customer Context

If you looking to provide efficient support customer service, in this situation, it would be helpful to choose a system that could integrate with CRM for customer context, why?

The supporting team could provide effectively helps, through a database that is stored about each customer, and all his previous summary interactions, which prevents customers from having to repeat themselves, this would increase the satisfaction with the services provided.


Finally, it could be confusing and increase the expenses of the company,  depending on how your chosen software assigns your phone numbers, so make sure before any commitment about the pricing for each minute on the phone, to avoid any extra charge more than expected.

Make sure to confirm what’s included in the package and how much each call and minute will cost.

The Top 5 Call Center Software

now after you determine and evaluate your needs during you looking for call center software, here we listed the options available take a look.

Ringcentral Contact Center

Coming on the top of the list, it’s a great software system to provide more solutions for both sales and customer service team.

This software offers one of the most innovative of the cloud-based phone platforms, that support both desktop and mobile users.

RingCentral contact center, designed around a number of core features such as :

CRM integrations, omnichannel routing, as well as the inevitable reporting dashboard and analytics, moreover, RingCentral has powerful call delegation and answering rules, that would make calls routed to the right person or department.

The software provides three different plans depending on the company size or their needs, basic, advanced, ultimate, the function and the features of each plan are variable as the price as well.

Check their website for more details.


Freshcaller is call center software provided by Freshworks, designed to be easy to use, and could manage everything from a single control panel, as well as run from the cloud-based solution, which does not require hardware, this makes it a great solution for small business.

The software provides some essential free functions such as forwarding calls, control, recording, and routing.

The basic level is free for unlimited agents, basic call queues, custom ringtones, and other sets of tempting features,  with the only cost being call charges.

As other software has various paid packages, that meet the diverse needs of the market, more expensive options offering more advanced features of course.


One of the huge software in the market used by the biggest companies regardless of his business activities.

Five9 is an all-in-one contact center solution, that allows managing both customer support and sales,  through a single dashboard, moreover, the software provides Intelligence Cloud-based solution that empowers your customer service agents and gives them more flexibility to work from anywhere.

This software provides sets of major benefits that meet the various business activities, such as, integrate with sets of CRM platform software, Omnichannel support, call routing, analytics, predictive dialing.

The Five9, offer a wide range of solution that customizes depend on the needs, size, and activities of each business, pricing is customized according to need.

Zendesk Talk

What makes this software one of the most extensive customer service platforms?

Given the major feature building a cloud contact center around customer relations management CRM, and not just integrate with it, that would make it the best for customer service.

The support team could access the full customer history, provide the service immediately, and maximize the workflow.

With more additional features as, call recording, and automatic ticket creation, analytics that allow being tracked and monitored, and evaluate the team’s performance.

As well as other software suppliers there are various plans that diverse between free plan with limited essential functions and a more professional one with more hight features.


If you think to increase the efficiency of the sales team, CrazyCall is a great solution, by the features offered, such as call monitoring, call transfers, and a callback widget, all of these features would give your team fruitful results.

As the previous software listed, the CrazyCall provide different plans to start from 11$ per month per user, to more professional that cost $45/month/user.

You could benefit from a trial period for 14 days.


According to the recent survey showed, a high percentage of the interaction between customers and companies, 48% of consumers prefer to communicate directly with the company, while 75% of people appreciate more human interaction for customer support, as well as their preferred channel are varied In different proportions.

This truth about the importance to have high-quality customer service should be intake when the business startup planning.


How to Perform Various Glute Bridge Exercises

The basic bridge isolates and strengthens your striated muscle (butt) muscles and hamstrings (back of the thigh). once done properly, the move may also enhance core stability by targeting your abdominal muscles and therefore the muscles of lower back and hip.

If you have got a physical exertion routine already, it is simple to feature the bridge in or combine it with different moves to make your own full-body physical exertion. it is also a decent preparation exercise and a basic rehab exercise to boost core and spinal stabilization.

If you are looking for a move to feature to your routine that works your core and your butt, the essential bridge could be a great spot to start out.

For this move, the target muscle is that the erector spinae that runs the length of your back from your neck to tailbone. A basic bridge stretches the stabilizers of the posterior chain, together with your hip abductors, gluteus muscle, and hamstrings.

As antagonist stabilizers for the bridge move, the muscle abdominis, obliques, and musculus quadriceps femoris get a physical exertion as they maintain stability.

Your overall strength can improve as these muscle teams get stronger. a robust core also will improve your posture and may facilitate ease lower back pain. In fact, as long as you have got properness, bridge exercises square measure usually safe for folks with chronic back issues and may aid in pain management.

The striated muscle bridge exercise could be a versatile, difficult, and effective exercise. It’s a wonderful addition to any physical exertion routine, in spite of your age or fitness level. This physical exertion move, targets the rear of your legs, or posterior chain. The prime movers in your posterior chain embody your hamstrings and glutes.


  1. Lie face up on the floor, with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Keep your arms at your side with your palms down.
  2. Lift your hips off the ground until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line. Squeeze those glutes hard and keep your abs drawn in so you don’t overextend your back during the exercise.
  3. Hold your bridged position for a couple of seconds before easing back down.


The glute bridge mainly targets its namesake muscles in your booty. But this butt exercise also improves your core stabilization. The glute bridge is important because it strengthens the muscles in the posterior chain—your whole backside. And it’s an especially important move if you sit all day long.