Methodology for customer relationship management system

Why methodology to be adopted is important?

It is a predefined fact that now a day the importance of CRM in any organizational business is of vital importance. With the passage of time, a lot of things have changed the basic concept of CRM. The new concept of CRM is more effective and defined then the previous one. CRM methodology to be adopted is very important as in short it deals in how the customers are feeling regarding the organization. Their relationship with the organization is the topic of focus in light of CRM systems. The methodology is very important since CRM not only aims to make the existing relationship a better one but it also assist in introducing new relationships within an organization by bringing in new customers.

Adrian Payne strategy for an effective CRM implementation

The successful implementation of CRM can be carried out in number of ways. A pretty impressive and effective CRM system model was presented by Adrian Payne. This model is very detailed and is very suitable for those organizations which are new to this field. Its step by step procedure can result into a perfect customer relationship management system which will benefit the customers as well as the organization itself.

CRM system flow chart for strategic launch

This model and its flow chart basically consist of five steps; strategy development process, value creation process, multichannel integration, performance assessment and information management process.

Strategy development process

In strategy development process, the sort of business a company is carrying out is understood and is compared with the industry rivals. The characteristic are studied in detail and in the end a basic yet promising strategy is sketched. This works in both ways. From organizational point of view, the main aim of his process will be to satisfy the customers by providing and serving them with best products and services. From customers’ point of view, this step will assist in making the organization better by enabling it to suitably mould its strategy according to customers’ will.

Value creation process

The value creation process again is two dimensional process which is carried out for organization as well as for customers. The valuable information like feedbacks and problems are noted and after wards this value is shared with the organization. The process is known as value creation process since it results in making a certain image or value of the organization in front of customers through which the organization can be judged regarding its treatment to customers later on in the process.

Multichannel integration process

Multichannel integration process deals in the processes which are directly involved with customers in an organization such as sales, deliveries and outlets. All the things in an organization which can have direct effect on customers are managed in this step and given appropriate treatment in order to move the CRM process next step closer to result.


Performance assessment

The performance assessment processes all the key points like customer value and employer value in an organization are studied. The remedial measures which are employed initially by CRM in order to make things better with customers are evaluated here. The results are studied and the struggles are done to make the things as perfect as possible.


Information management

The information management process consists of different tools and tasks to access the visibility of the system. This include IT solutions, different CRM software and some other statistical tools. In this way the whole operation of CRM system is managed in an organization.

Progress of organization

The implementation of CRM using such detailed strategy in an organization can boost the level of performance. The relationship of company with customers will improve. The confidence of customers on company will increase and the increased referral rate will be achieved. The overall result will be an increased profit, reduced costs, goo management system and long lasting relationship with customers. Thus this CRM model is a very powerful tool now a day which can control much of the organizational business in multiple ways.


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