Jackknife Sit-Up Is the Right Exercise for Your Body

Jack knife sit ups area unit an excellent low-impact exercise for strengthening abdominal muscles. they’re an excellent thanks to tighten the lower abs and assist you get six pack abs. Jack knife sit ups can offer your abs difficult physical exercise, however the fundamentals area unit straightforward to master!

If you’re fed up crunches and planks, we have a tendency to hear you. Add selection to your exercise routine and take a look at the jackknife sit-up—but be prepared for a challenge. As a result, there are several health edges to operating your core muscles— like achieving a praise stomach—many people can’t get enough core exercises.

Jackknife sit-ups (or V-ups) area unit common immediately as a result of you simply want your body and a mat to perform them. That’s right, no fancy instrumentality necessary! Jackknife sit-ups area unit a beginner friendly, low-impact exercise that’s nice for carving out your abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis).

There are many ways that to switch and increase the intensity of this exercise. So, make preparations to shred your carton.

Jackknife sit-ups directly target the [abdominals] and strengthens the complete core. With a stronger core, you will have a lot of endurance for your alternative favorite activities.

The V-up may be a bodyweight movement that targets the muscles of the abs, the muscle abdominis or “six-pack” muscles particularly. it’s almost like a baggage crunch, however the lower back lifts off the bottom at the highest of every rep. It is performed for time or reps within the ab-focused portion of any physical exercise.


  1. Lie on the floor, keeping your hands extended behind the head.
  2. Fully extend your legs and ensure that the toes are pointing forward.
  3. Exhale and raise your legs and arms to meet in a jackknife position. Bend at the waist while lifting the legs at a 35-45-degree angle so that your back is raised from the floor at the top
  4. Lower your arms and legs slowly while returning to the starting position. Control your movement while coming down.


Jack knife sit ups are a great low-impact exercise for strengthening the core muscles. They are a great way to tighten the lower abs. Jack knife sit ups will give your abs challenging workout, but the basics are easy to master!