Best CRM Software for Small Businesses in 2021

Best CRM Software for Small Businesses in 2021

Best CRM Software for Small Businesses in 2021

It is a fact that relationships management is the most important part of running a business. This is irrespective of whether you take into account shoppers or different organizations.

It is critical to keep up to date on developing discussions with existing clients while likewise adequately overseeing new leads.

Your customer satisfaction depends on your ability to offer attentive, personalized engagement with your clients, even your improvement demands you continue looking out for new customers too.

That is why Customer relationship management (CRM) software comes to help make this crucial process possible.

A good CRM software should allow companies to manage customer interaction and customer data. It should have the ability to automate marketing, sales, and customer support.

Best CRM Software for Small Businesses in 2021

Moreover, it should help you access business information, and manage partner, vendor, and employee relationships.

However, because CRMs can perform so many different functions, finding the right one can be overwhelming.

To help you find the right CRM software, we researched and analyzed dozens of options. Here is a list of our 2021 best picks for CRM software and an explanation of how we chose them.


This software has recently become the standard in CRMs. Although the company now offers over a dozen different products, its many-featured and highly customizable sales CRM remains the basis of its offerings.

You can use Salesforce to take leads through a personalized customer journey and use the intelligent marketing platform to drive more sales through emails, SMS messaging, social media, and digital advertising.

While small businesses can take advantage of the lower-priced tiers, the plans and features of the Salesforce system are suited for larger businesses.


Plans for small businesses start at $25/month per user billed annually.


Freshsales CRM software is easy to use straightforward even if you’ve never operated anything more complicated than emailing. You’ll also find in-app video tutorials, articles, and a support person just a few clicks away.

It has an excellent dashboard that gives you immediate access to contact management, reports, emails, phone calls, and more. And, if the intuitive, web-based interface wasn’t enough, there are also mobile apps so you can make sales wherever you go.


Pricing starts at $12/month per user (billed annually).

Zoho CRM

This CRM software supports small businesses, coordinates contacts, markets their brand, runs sales, provides customer support and a lot more. You’ll get a helpful set of marketing and sales features with SaaS apps and online productivity tools.


SalesSignals, is the basis for understanding how and when contacts, leads, and customers are linked with your company. It provides real-time notifications for email opens, website visits, campaign activity, social mentions, and other actions. For example, if you’re managing an email campaign with your contacts, you’ll be notified when that person opens or clicks a link in the email.


Zoho has a free plan for up to 3 users, but the really good features are in the paid plans. Those start at $12/month per user (billed annually).

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is simple to use and suggests a wide range of CRM tools to running the customer journey. It even offers forever free plans with limited features for their CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs.

With this software, you would be able to see your entire sales dropdown right on your dashboard. If you want more data, you can view all contacts and sales operations, detailed reports, and performance on a user or team basis.


The core CRM software is free, but for more powerful features you can upgrade to a paid plan for Marketing, Sales, or Service hubs (starting at $50/month). You can also upgrade to the Growth Suite starting at $113/month for a single user.


Keap is one of the best CRM software systems to be applied in a small business in order to achieve their goal towards real growth.

For 18 years, Keap has helped small businesses be more systematic so they can deliver a great solution and close more business deals. Keap’s award-winning CRM solution serves more than 200,000 users around the world.

Keap’s platform manages your customer information and daily work in one place, freeing you up from repetitive tasks so you have more time to focus on growing your business and delivering great service.


Pricing starts at $79 per month & includes everything you need to grow your business.

What are the key points to look for the best CRM software?

As we are living in a competitive online world, there are tens of CRM software platforms, according to your business information and your objective to grow to develop your performance, you could determine some essential points to select the right CRM.

However, there are some general points to look for, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Ease of Use

The first point you should look for in a CRM software is how easy and clear it is to use. You will be using your CRM software every single day so as to simplify the work. Therefore, if it isn’t easy to use it won’t help you reach your goals.

The latest survey shows that 67% of businesses think that ease of use is the most important point of their CRM software.

  1. Customization

Every single business has specific characteristics, we looking for the CRM that has customizing features, for sales and projects, to make the software serve different teams.

  1. Reporting

It is also clear and evident that a powerful CRM allows the elaboration of various data sets and uses them for reporting.

  1. 4. Automation and integrations

Realizing that your CRM is not just a contact listing, it needs to combine branding and sales as well as the lead new generation to your brand.

Your CRM should store name, email address, phone number, and maybe even social links that could be used for online marketing strategy.

What to expect for 2021?

As CRMs have improved, they have become more advanced to integrate and automate an extensive range of business processes. Social media links and email combination, for example, they have been characterized as the Customer Relationship Management evolution.

The effect is social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are not just about exploring and advertising your brand but also establishing confidence, credibility, and personality.

In 2021, looking for more automation and integration features to simplify CRM usage has known great popularity. It helps in productivity enhancement, and expands the field of business operations process that CRM tools effected.

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Q: What are some examples of CRM Software?

A: Customer relationship management (CRM) software refers to any tech solution service that helps businesses run and connect with the current and potential customer. Some examples of leaders in the CRM software industry include Salesforce, Bitrix24, Freshsales.

Q: What are the differences between ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) software?

A: CRM structure is developed to record and store every segment of information regarding customer interactions. This detailed data is standardized and easily shareable throughout the organization.

Like CRM, ERP software is prepared to streamline business processes. While a CRM focuses on the sales section of the company, an ERP system is inserted and applied across different departments.

 Q: What makes a CRM software “open source”?

A: To determine software as open-source, it typically means that some or all of the source code is accessible to users for reviews and commenting or suggestion or modification.

Developers and programmers that want the capability to highly customize their experience CRM software often pick out for open-source solutions.

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