What is it that the CUSTOMERS want

“What exactly are they looking for?”

In order to be a successful one, a business needs to touch its customers in a way no other business can. Customers are the primary stakeholders in any and all businesses. Why so?

  1. Organizations are extremely dependent upon their customers. In case they fail to develop customer loyalty and satisfaction, it is very likely they will lose their customers, which translates into failure.
  2. … Because without customers, the organization would not have come into being.
  3. The main purpose of the organization is to fulfill the needs of the customers and satisfy them.
  4. The customers make it possible to for the organization to achieve its aims and objectives.

Thus, the ultimate success lies in listening and responding to the customers’ needs. Therefore, the importance of Customer Relationship Management cannot be stressed enough. It is essentially an important part of the overall business management.

Following are the steps that possibly all organizations must go through in order to build fruitful customer relationships:

  • Determine which of the customers’ needs and/or goals coincide with those of the organization.
  • Establish and maintain a bond with customers through effective communication
  • Develop positive feelings between the organization and the customers so that they know who to turn to.

However, during the course, the organization must not deviate from another one of their primary objectives – making a profit and moving forward. And on the other hand, customers want great quality for a reasonable price. Therefore, these two somewhat contradicting points must be very intelligently managed and a balance must be created.

The CRM can influence the organization in many ways – for starters, the main focus of the organization moves from their product to their customers (which, is pretty much the same thing but a little more specific). Additionally, this means restructuring the offer to cater to the customers’ needs, and not what the organization can make/offer.

It goes without saying that an organization’s success is governed by two things – customer satisfaction and making profits (as previously indicated). These two have an interdependent relationship – providing a better service to your customers than your competitors is likely to bring handsome profits. What makes CRM so effective? CRM is known to not only improve the service to customers, it also should also reduce costs, wastage, and objections and complaints. Moreover, a good CRM will also reduce staff stress significantly, this is a result of the reduction in attrition.

Through CRM, instant and extensive market research becomes possible since you are now open communicating with your customers, which helps you study the patterns in the market, much better than any market survey could give you.

It is obvious how great CRM also helps you develop your business: customers stick to you for all their needs; customer mix-up rates go down, recommendations to recent customers from increasing numbers of satisfied customers to help make them take decisions; and overall the organization’s service flows and teams function more competently and more merrily.

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