Most Effective Outer Thigh Lift Exercise

The outer thighs square measure anatomically referred to as hip abductors, the aim of that square measure to maneuver your leg bent on the facet of your body. a robust outer thigh can raise your leg to the peak of, or above your hip, which might be useful for kickboxing, sport and performing arts. even though sports aren’t your focus, there square measure 2 styles of outer thigh raise which will facilitate tame saddle baggage, increase flexibility and tone the higher legs.

Forget complicated weight machines and endless leg lifts. To sculpt sturdy thighs, you would like to maneuver during a new direction. Explosive, dimensional exercises target your entire lower body in one dynamic shot, with a special specialize in your outer thighs.

Outer-thigh exercise routine could be a fusion of martial arts, yoga, dance, and strength coaching which will be done anyplace. For a bonus boost, every of the outer-thigh exercises demand focus and balance, participating your core (here’s what that means!) still as your legs.

The goal of the outer thigh raise is to strengthen the hip and outer thigh. The movement needs moving the leg far from the sheet of the body.

Right up there with obtaining carton abs, the thighs square measure a part that a lot of girls like to target within the athletic facility. Here’s the thing: you cannot spot cut back. What you’ll be able to do is develop a lot of lean muscle during a targeted space. once combined with a healthy diet and overall weight-loss (if that’s necessary), these ten thigh exertion moves will assist you build a robust lower body.

These thigh exercises transcend simply your thighs, though; they will strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, and calves and even hit your core too.


  1. Lie on your right side with right arm extended out straight, head resting on arm.
  2. Place your left arm in front of your chest for support.
  3. Lift left leg up and out from hip socket.
  4. Lift out for 2 counts and lower for 4 counts, resisting as you lower your leg to starting position.


The goal of the outer thigh lift is to strengthen the hip and outer thigh. The movement requires moving the leg away from the midline of the body.