CRM Increases Productivity, Expand Customer Foundation Effectively

CRM Increases Productivity, effective customer expansion

Firstly, some organizations until today think about CRM software as just a system that collects and stores data about customers and handles their relationship with them.

Beyond that, through the effective functionals provided by the CRM software the company can increase productivity, that drives to increase revenues, and expand more the base of customer foundation as well.

The CRM software ensures better customer satisfaction over a speedy customized customer service, and eventually more sales and customer loyalty.

CRM Increases Productivity, Expand Customer Foundation Effectively

Whereas other businesses, count on the customer relationship management CRM software, to streamline and control, the traffic of the workflow day to day, which would increase the team’s productivity and efficiency.

Estimation statistic from the Nucleus research showed that the average return on investment from CRM is nearly $9.00 for every dollar spent.

So if you are still thinking that CRM software is just a data mining tool you must change your opinion after complete reading this blog.

How CRM Software Increases The Productivity

The best CRM software must match with your need and strategy to grow the performance and revenue, through some options they offer open source to customize the plan of the work

Thus when we talk about the sales and customer support.

The CRM can streamline the process, control the workflow activities and interactions, deliver the proper customers information to the sales, marketing departments, as customer service as well, through some essential tools functions such as:

1- Integration With Email And Phone

Keeping the customer data updated all the time, by using the CRM platform that maintains and store email addresses and phone number in the system automatically.

Operating the different communications channels within CRM, keep the process controlled, where information can easily be shared to the right agent or department, this allows employees to focus on actual customer care rather than on logging calls and entering data.

2- Integrated Client Profile

The integration with customer’s data allows everyone that interacts with the customer to access all the information seamlessly, which includes the previous communications.

Within the detailed customer profile, that allows an easy and vast view about communications, document, and promotions associated with a specific customer on one convenient screen.

As the team can work on desktop or individually on mobile from multiple locations through the network, the need to deliver a coordinating customer data and communications become vital with the integrated client profile feature.

3- Mass communications

The CRM software offers the mass communications tool that is vital, to deliver and provide the customer with information needed simply and effectively.

This communication tool uses a customized email or SMS to whole or segmented customer lists, in less time than the traditional methods.

What makes the CRM an intelligence choice, have the ability to keep continuous communication with the customer, analyze and review the effectiveness contact operation, With mass communications through CRM, all contacts are automatically logged and organized within the customer profile for convenient access in the future.

4- Management Mission System

Internal communication would be more effective when employees use a unified single point to delegate missions and participate in projects and hold contact between diverse departments as well.

The management mission system is a vital point for any CRM platform, allow to set various tasks, share pertinent files, and prioritize them, all these features give the organization an overview of the progress of the project.

The fact of using a unified point doesn’t mean that should work just on office location, there more options through the cloud-based solution offered for member works on remote or other various locations.

5- Integrated Information-Based

The essential function of integrated information-base is to offer employees a quick and easy access for the pieces of information, they need to deliver a proper and consistent message to customers that meet their requirements.

When a customer contacts the service support to ask for any information about product or service promotion, it important that precise answer is communicated regardless of who provides the service.

This the purpose of information-base, offered by CRM software, the customer support, or any other department can count on the information-base can quickly access answers to frequently asked questions and account details in order to assist customers with the answers that they need, that push them to be more productive away of chaos.

6- Reminders & Calendars

Commitment with appointments not less important of any other factor, and deliver to a customer the message of incompetence.

The fact for creating more trusty with an employee about the customer  deadline or any other timeline, improve employee efficiency and leave the effect of organization and professionalism and this drive more loyalty.

The reminders and calendars are an essential tool on CRM software, allow employees to count on one unified platform for day-to-day tasks and other functions organization.

Corporate calendars may be integrated with personal calendars to prevent double booking and to streamline the scheduling process.

7- Mobile Access

As the mobile device becomes a part of our daily life, to the business world become most important, access to the CRM form a mobile device increasingly matter, as mobility and traveling become part of work in some situations.

Due to the new technology many CRM software offers a mobile app, to make access possible from anywhere, to search customer information, manage reports, access to files templates it simple now.

Include the data update about customers or employees before the meeting is vital to a mission that can be completed by accessing the CRM on distance.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure Solution

Another technology solution increasingly matters where businesses can’t afford any more the high cost of the desk infrastructure, especially the startup businesses.

Cloud-based CRM software corporate for effective growth which translate on decrease expenses of the office technology infrastructure, software, and hardware, with fewer employees on another side.

With the progress, the cloud-based CRM software witness improved reliability and more data security, compared to their software-based counterparts.

5 Ways To Expand Your Customer Base

It’s all about realizing who your customers and prospective customers are and promote the relationship you have with them.

In other words, customer relationship management is the art of maintaining and running a good relation with your clients, understand your customer expectations, and offer more than they can expect.

Due to the new technology of CRM software process will be more streamline and defined ;

1- Reach The Right Customer

One of the marketing surveys showed that 79% of all marketing leads are never  complete the process of purchase.
Source, PARDOT

By using the CRM software you will achieve the most benefits as possible through the marketing tools, email, social, marketing automation

The sales and marketing department now can have an obvious overview of customers and new leads, they can create and target engaging communications to turn prospects into customers and reach key decision-makers faster.

2- Build A Sustainable Relationship For The Long Term

The statement has shown that 46% of the sales leaders are interested in deep customer relationships as the key for sustaining success.
Source, Salesforce*State Of Sale*

If you have a profound realizing about your customer’s interactions, and overview on his history from the beginning with your company, you will have the chance to build a strong relationship founded on trust mutual success, the technology of CRM software helps you to achieve this goal in obvious steps ;

A- Explore Their Needs And Challenges, use the CRM system to record notes what matters to your customers, their preferences, challenges, and needs at the end of each interaction, thus you can use this information at the next exchange, pick up exactly where you left off with a quick review.

B- Engage In The Plan, after realizing and understanding your customer’s business objectives you can recommend the proper promotion for products or services that meets their goals, on accurate time, by using CRM software you will know more detail, such as what they have purchased and how they are using your products or services, so you can provide the most relevant content and information for the next plan.

C- Expand Your 1-To-1 Relationships, more clients prefer the customize the personal experience, and as your business starts growing, it becomes more challengeable to know the details of each interaction and customer, CRM system manages this operation effectively by hosting emails templates, set up task reminders, and enable phone calls to help you connect with customers faster and easier.

3- Decrease The Cost Of Sales

The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5%–20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60%–70%.

Attracting the new leads is essential to keep growing but it would be a little bit challengeable or expensive, you can offset the expenses  acquisition costs through sales to your existing customer base, get a deep and vast overview of your upsell-cross sell opportunities, the CRM can help you to improve the sales performance in some points,

– Improving Sales Efficiency, give more attention and priority to the appropriate leads and opportunities that are highly estimated to convert and close depending on customer interaction.

-Boosting Sales Effectiveness, realize which customers are active, to determine the right time to reach them for an optimal exchange and response.

-Increasing Upsell And Cross-Sell Opportunities: have a vast overview of all opportunities that are on the tack, and deals previously on progress  so far.

-Discover Referral Opportunity, instead of keeping paying to attract more new leads, or wasting time cold calling, catch untapped opportunities in your existing market segmentation customers.

4- Provide Better Customer Service

Whenever the service offered to the customer is on the top customized and accurately, you will win the customers loyalty.

The CRM offers a unified database to facilitate the work for each one of customer team support, can access quickly and easily to a customer’s complete history, everyone can quickly provide personalized messages and solutions, with the right resources.

Smoother interactions build trust and encourage repeat business.

5- Improve Customer Retention

As a conclusion for the previous steps that drive you to grow your hallmark and business, the obvious visibility across all relationships and interactions with your customer can help your teams proactively address at-risk accounts and present satisfied customers with new opportunities at just the right moment.

Invest your time and money into the proper CRM software that accurate and meet your plans, and strong customer relationships will pay dividends for years to come.

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