An overview of some of the CRM software providers


Just like in any other business around us, there are bigger providers, backed up by significant resources and a solid reputation, and the smaller providers, still in development, but with very many things to say and prove. So, if you are in this business, and you have difficulties in deciding which provider to choose for the software you need, here are some details concerning the products they have to offer. In the end, you will have a clearer view of the difference between the large and small vendors, the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one instead of another.

Here are some of the largest CRM providers of specialized software:

  • Microsoft

Probably the most known software provider in the world, Microsoft being one of the companies founded a couple of decades ago that still goes strong. It is one of the most important software providers we have, and they created a rather innovative software for CRM. Called Microsoft Dynamics CRM is packed with tools that were specially designed to bring better results for anyone having activities in this domain. But, do expect for this software to be a bit pricey.

  • Salesforce

Another giant of the industry, with an incredible 16.1% share out of the total market in this sector. Not only that it provides CRM software, but it also adapts it to the latest technology developments. The result? An entirely cloud-based solution for CRM. It is the only provider that offers such service, meaning an extremely vast storage space, maneuverability, and security.

  • Oracle

The company offers a stand-alone product, but judging by the fact that Oracle was founded back in 1977, and still goes strong, it means that countless CRM businesses used this software. With a comprehensive approach and easy usability, the software provided by Oracle remains in the top of preferences.

And examples of smaller CRM software providers:

  • Insightly

If you are a small business or one that just appeared on the market, it is easy to understand that your budget is not the largest. So, if you opt for the software provided by Insightly, you won’t be spending too much, since it is very affordable. But, don’t underestimate it, as the software will prove to be highly reliable. The traditional CRM features are entwined with e-mail integration and even project management.

  • Nimble

The company comes with a different approach on what CRM software means, and offers. Nimble noticed the important of social media and the resources it offers. So you will be able to keep a contact record using some of the most well-known social networks.

  • Workbooks

It is a solution that proved to work in the case of small and midsize businesses, earning its appreciation of customers over time. It offers a web-based solution and was voted, along time, by many as their favorite and most reliable CRM software provider. If you chose it, it might not disappoint you.

So, as you can see, large companies have the reputation and background, built in years of activity and existence on the market. But the small ones have as allies a more affordable price, something that is incredibly important for newly-emerged or small businesses. And they also have the innovation on their side, driven by their appearance in a time when technology is in full expansion.

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