A comparison between the available types of CRM software

We live in an era where technology and its related software are helping us in our daily tasks. So, the customer relationship management makes no exception from this rule. Being an important aspect of every existing business, CRM should not only be present but also done in an efficient manner. Thus, many CRM software solutions were developed over time. Which are the most appreciated? Just keep on reading as several comparisons, between some of the most well-known CRM software solutions, will be revealed. You will find out all the essential information you need to know about them.

Salesforce is by far the most used and appreciated software solution. Why? Well, because it is the only one offering a feature that the rest don’t have. It is a cloud-based platform, which means that the storage and maneuverability space is extremely large. Another advantage is that it can offer working features for a broad range of enterprises, starting with the small ones, and going up gradually, by servicing the mid and large ones as well. Thus, it is extremely versatile as well, by not having to change your software in case your business grows in time. It is no wonder it is so well reviewed.

Infusionsoft comes in the following place, although it is by far as rated and appreciated as Salesforce. Still, it is a widely used software for CRM. It is extremely suitable for small businesses, as it was designed having their needs in mind. And considering the high number of enterprises that try to make it on the market, the existence of such a software solution is much needed. But even so, Infusionsoft offers features that respect the latest trends. Having state-of-the-art tools and marketing automation, together with other tools for e-mail and media, it will keep the proper level of customer engagement.

TeamSupport is another software that promises to eliminate any miscommunication between the company and the customers, and to improve the customer support team. It has a complex set of features that can be used by an entire team of customer management. It promotes collaboration since all team members can have access to all issues and created tickets, as entries in the software. All customer problems will be able to be thus managed swiftly and in a short time frame. The “ticket” feature is unique to this software and words can be used as tags, so that more important matter can be prioritized. It is something that sets this software apart from the rest.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM isn’t among the leaders, as many would have expected, but it is still one of the most used CRM software solutions. Could it be because of the price? Its complexity, the way it was built and the price will not recommend this software to small businesses. It is specifically made for mid-range companies and large enterprises. It is very flexible when it comes to the provided features since it can cover the needs of a broad range of activities. The latest released version of the software has 41 different languages available, making it suitable for companies worldwide. Also, it has a better user interface and the same efficient data management. So it is a great acquisition for many businesses that are a bit larger.

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